Thursday, November 8, 2007

Golf and the Art of War

Did you know that golf is part of our national defense? If not, join the (country) club. I didn't either.

Thank goodness we have Democrat House Majority Whip James Clyburn S.C. to set us straight. He earmarked $3 million in the 2008 Military spending bill for a program that attracts children to the game of golf.

I get it. Never mind buying something like body armor. As part of our defense strategy, we need to teach kids how to hit golf balls. Why? Because we have a secret program to develop golf-ball size grenades. When these kids grow up and join the military they'll be able to hit those suckers 300 yards like Tiger Woods. The enemy won't know what hit them, having thought they were facing a bunch of guys who got lost on the way to the country club.

Of course we'll have to train these "driving demons" not to yell "fore" when they tee off.

Sigh. Seriously ... I know that this kind of waste isn't unusual ... in fact it's "par for the course."