Sunday, November 4, 2007

To Pee, or Not to Pee ...?

More precisely, to pee in the men's room, or in the women's ... that's the question!

That's right. Seems like choosing the correct restroom is an urgent question these days among some of our college "elite." They can't figure it out! Or at least, as one advocate said, "It can be an anxiety-ridden decision to make a choice that most people make without thinking."

"Without thinking" -- indeed! How much thought do you give which restroom to go in? Even a six year old child has that decision nailed. Jeez Louise! Do we have to make a big deal out of everything!? Bathroom-decision anxiety for Pete's sake!

Seems like the problem centers around some people who say they are trans gendered. (Not that here's anything wrong with that.)

I guess trans gendered means they go back and forth, hither and yon, on the simple question of what sex they are. And to lessen the anxiety among these poor confused people, at least 141 schools have established gender-neutral restrooms.

Now I don't know how to help these tragically confused people pass Biology 101. But here's a simple tip to guide you into the correct bathroom. If you're gonna sit, go into the ladies' room. If you're gonna point, go into the men's.

What a relief ... ahhhh!

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Tom said...

"And in case of a tie, two wins out over one," as Bill Cosby put it?