Wednesday, November 7, 2007

American Royalty

If the Hildabeast, a.k.a. Hillary Clinton, wins the Presidency you'll probably feel the ground move. It'll be our Founding Fathers turning over in their graves. Not because a woman is President, although that would have astounded them, nor the fact that an incompetent had taken office -- they would have expected that.

No, what would really distress them is that two families had held the Presidency for 24 consecutive years between them. And Mrs. Clinton could stretch it to 28 years with a second term. This is the kind of European-style dynasty they despised. They had done all they could devising a constitution that would prevent such power grabbing. Our first President (that's George Washington for all of you who attended government schools) was highly attuned to this danger. That's why he turned down the opportunity of being elected President for life. And that's why he turned down a third term -- to avoid an imperial Presidency. He had just fought a war to get rid of a kings rule, he didn't want to be the first American monarch.

That wouldn't bother today's politicians. Roosevelt didn't mind ignoring Washington's example and going for a third term. Probably would have gone for a fourth if he had lived. And can you imagine either of the Bush or Clinton clans turning down additional years in power? Hell, when they can't extend their reign of power themselves they hand it down to their children (George W.) or their spouse (Mrs. Bill Clinton.)

And we, stupid saps that we are, let them do it! Can't wait to see Chelsy Clinton sworn in.

The King is dead. Long live the King! ... not!

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