Friday, November 2, 2007

Deer in Headlights

Looks like one doesn't she? But of course you know it's Speaker of the House Nancy Pelossi describing her I.Q.

Actually she's saying that Congress' approval rating of 22 percent is not her fault. Different tune from back in January when she was full of vinegar saying that the Democrat Majority was gonna change the country! Gonna put it back on the right track!

Now she says, "if I were polled, I would disapprove of Congress as well." Although she does seem a little confused on this point because just a little later she said, "I'm proud of what we have done."

You know, sometimes it's hard to keep from tripping over all the talking-points your staff feeds you. Gets confusing ... proud, disapprove ... whatever.

She seems well acquainted with a plastic surgeon. Maybe next time around he can give her reputation a face lift.


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